Our Recent Achievements & Future Training Activities


  1. Organisational capacity building by training staff to use Stata and by managing the procurement and dissemination of Stata licenses and the Stata Journal.
  2. Oceania Stata Users Group Meeting 2017 paper – Stata: A key strategic statistical tool of choice in major impact evaluations of socioeconomic programs: https://www.stata.com/meeting/oceania17/slides/oceania17_Nyakuengama.pdf
  3. 2019 Oceania Stata Conference – Scientific Panel Chair
  4. Staff training in quantitative data analysis – Major ACT Government Department
  5. DatAnalytics Blogs:
  6. Survey Design and Analysis Services Consultant: https://www.surveydesign.com.au/consultants.html
  7. Future Stata Training/Courses:
    • Survey Data Analysis
    • Survival Data Analysis
    • Time-Series Data Analysis
    • Instrument Variables
    • Panel Data Analysis


QDA Miner and WordStat

  1. Staff training in qualitative data analysis – Major Australian Government Department
  2. Provalis Research Trainer: https://provalisresearch.com/resources/gwinyai-nyakuengama/
  3. Survey Design and Analysis Services Consultant: https://www.surveydesign.com.au/consultants.html
  4. Blogs:
    1. Stylometry – Authorship Attribution (Early British Fictionists): https://dat-analytics.net/2018/12/02/stylometry-authorship-attribution-early-british-fictionists/
    2. Prototyping a WordStat/QDA Miner Automatic Document Classification Model For Product Reviews: https://dat-analytics.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Prototyping-A-WordStat-QDA-Miner-Automatic-Document-Classification-Model-For-Product-Review.pdf
    3. PART I: AUTOMATIC MACHINE LEARNING DOCUMENT CLASSIFICATION – AN INTRODUCTION: https://provalisresearch.com/blog/automatic-machine-learning-document-classification/



  1. DatAnalytics logs
    1. USE OF RapidMiner – Auto Model TO PREDICT CUSTOMER CHURN: https://dat-analytics.net/2018/07/28/use-of-rapidminer-auto-model-to-predict-customer-churn/
    2. Automatic Feature Engineering with RapidMiner Auto Model: Rapidly identifying alcoholics from their EEGs with ease, precision and accuracy: https://dat-analytics.net/2019/03/05/automatic-feature-engineering-with-rapidminer-auto-model-rapidly-identifying-alcoholics-from-their-eegs-with-ease-precision-and-accuracy/


R programming

  1. Most frequent words in the e-book “The Murray River”: https://dat-analytics.net/2018/09/30/most-frequent-words-in-the-e-book-the-murray-river/
  2. Future R Training/Courses:
    • Regression Analysis
    • Time-Series Data Analysis
    • Survival Data Analysis
    • Missing Values
    • Anomaly Detection