Our expertise

Here is a narrative on our expertise we have and services we offer to our customers:

  • Extensive applied data analytics experience (over 20 years) in government and research sectors covering education, employment, health and financial portfolios and administrative and survey data.
  • Scoping, drafting and reviewing data analysis strategies.
  • Big data management (e.g. data importation and exportation, transformation and merging).
  • Exploratory data analysis / descriptive statistics (e.g. mean, mode, standard deviation) and graphing (e.g. line-, scatter-, box- plots and pie charts).
  • Advanced statistical data analysis, hypothesis testing and modelling using a range of techniques, such as:
    • Time series data analysis (including SVAR, MGARCH and MGARCH-VAR models);
    • Linear-, Lasso-, Multivariate-, Logistic- and Poisson-Regressions;
    • Structural Equation Modelling;
    • Panel/Longitudinal data analysis;
    • Quantitative program evaluation (e.g. treatment effects/causal inference techniques);
    • Survival data analyses (non-parametric methods (Kaplan-Meier/Nelson-Aalen models); semi-parametric methods (Cox Proportional Hazard model) and parametric methods (survival regression models). Fine and Gray proportional sub-hazard model to mitigate the presence of competing risks.
    • Survey data analysis (please note that we do not advise on nor conduct survey designs);
    • Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics (including Sentiment Analysis and Automatic Document Classification or Stylometry).
  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, including Naive Bayes; Generalized Linear Model (GLM), Logistic Regression, Deep Learning, Random Forest and Gradient Boosted Trees (XGBoost).
  • Remote, one-on-one teaching and tutorials on statistical data analysis.
  • Reviewing of draft scientific reports, theses, journal papers and conference presentations.
  • Collaboration on short- to long-term data analytics projects.
  • Independent statistical expert witness needs.